Posted by: wirati | July 13, 2011

women vs men

This era, men and women have same position. Many women have good education can be leader and take many job included political same as like a men For example, Mrs. Megawati ex president Indonesia.

In my opinion, Gender has been intrudoced when we were child. The parent must be educated and support the children how to do make fair not partial between a boy and girl. At that time, most of violence in house hold because of missunderstanding about gender. They said, the women just can be menstruation, prenancy and give birth. Where as, women can be get good career and to be leader. Some time that situation make missundesrtanding. That case also infact by Balinese culture that put the men as patrinial. This power made the men has superiority and number one. They can be give all decision same as like The God. This situation made the women position go down. And than, many violence in house hold occur in women. Media has responsibility and power to covering that issue. Because of media can be run public opinion and to relize people, that women and men should be help each other to growth up together. Good news for 2011. The Balinese culture forum have been made good decision for Balinese women. They are covering most of women issue. And I think, this is good for future to bring Balinese women attend globalitation.



  1. Fair is not always has the same thing 🙂

    Itulah mengapa saya lebih suka merujuk “harmoni gender” dibandingkan “persamaan gender” ataupun “kesetaraan gender”.

  2. cahya:

    thank u for your comment, hehehheheheh
    i agree with u, harmonius better than equality yach……

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