Posted by: wirati | May 27, 2010

Kuningan Day

Canang sari

Ten days after Galungan Day Balinese Hindu followers will celebrate the prosperity day of “Kuningan”. Kuningan, which falls on Saturday (Saniscara), is the day when Gods and Goddesses accompanied by the holy ancestral spirits (pitara) come down to earth again to bless the people and the universe. It is believed that they will return to heaven in the midday. On this day, Balinese people do self-introspection by doing a meditation for human’s prosperity. To the Balinese Hindu followers, the Kuningan Day is a time for commemoration say thanks to the gods for his mercy to the human races.
Balinese Hindu has  temple festival at Sakenan Temple, one of the big temples in Bali. Sakenan Temple is located in Serangan Island, known as Turtle Island. Situated in southern part of Bali, Turtle Island is one of the most favorite spot for surfing. To reach the temple, you can go by boat or cars or bikes. If you go by car or bike, you will pass a bridge linking the Serangan Island and south of Denpasar. It takes you around 15 minutes drive to reach the temple.
As usual, the religious ritual will attract lots of foreign visitors. We maked banten with  yellow rice. So that way the names celebrated is Kuningan.

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